Have you received an invitation from your customer to go out for drinks or is he asking you to go out with him as arm candy? Or is it possible that he would like to have a drink with you prior to discussing business?

It is important for you to adhere to certain drinking customs as an escort when you are out on a date with a client in order to ensure that everything goes according to plan.

Keep in mind that your goals are to make a good impression, provide your date with your company, and give him your whole attention. Moreover, it is never appropriate to drink beside your date!

What then happens if your partner invites you out for cocktails or

a glass of wine?

Here is the drinking etiquette you need to follow if you want to impress your date and even turn him into a regular:

The outfit
The dress you want to wear for a romantic evening out has to be both sufficiently long and have a deeper hue.

If you chance to spill your drink, choose a dress in a darker color to prevent ruining your ensemble. You don’t want to wear a dress that has a crimson stain from you pouring red wine on it since accidents happen.

Therefore, if you know there will be food and beverages involved, select a dress in a color that will still make you appear put together even if you get a bit messy.

Additionally, the dress’s length matters since you want to seem elegant.

The Drinks & Beverage
When ordering wine at a restaurant, always choose a white or rose wine as they are less strong and won’t discolor your teeth.

When you and your date go out for drinks, be careful to pick something that: 1. Has less alcohol; and 2. Isn’t a concoction of too many different kinds of alcohol.

Avoiding carbonated drinks since they cause gas and bloating is another thing to think about.

Have fun, but do it responsibly. Additionally, remember to sip water in between sips. In this manner, you keep your date company and make a nice impression.

The cuisine
In order to avoid drinking on an empty stomach, try to eat something before heading out for drinks with your date. The greatest dishes to prepare oneself before drinking are those that are greasy.

Additionally, be sure to eat something other than a salad on the exact date. A substantial meal isn’t necessary, but you should eat something that will completely negate the effects of alcohol on an empty stomach.

The manners
When you go on a date with a client, always make sure to let a buddy know where you are going. Another thing to keep in mind is to always carry cash with you so you can pay for your dinner, beverages, or cab fare in case things get awkward and you want to leave. Never have a drink next to your date.

You lack a man’s physical make-up and alcohol resistance, and even if you did, this is not the place to flaunt your booze prowess. Avoid the error of sipping alcohol whenever your date says “cheers.” Raise the glass, smile, and only indicate that you are about to take a drink without really doing so.

Now that you know the rules of drinking while you’re out on an escort date, just have fun, relax and keep our advice in mind!

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